Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweden 2014

It’s 2014 and I’m trying to get back on my feet, back to this blog, get my shit back together – all kinds of getting back.

Right now I have big plans for this little abandoned blog.

I am still surviving in Sweden, sometimes barely.

I am still grateful for your emails – even if they are just to correct my sad excuse for spelling and grammar. Of which I do appreciate, and I do intend to correct, when I have a few free minutes. Which I seriously, seriously hope will be sometime soon.

Because the last few months have been crazy. All kinds of crazy. Good crazy, bad crazy and just plain insane in the membrane.

And yet here we are in February. Another round of Melodifestival. A sad excuse for Valentine’s Day. My favorite shopping week of the year, Book Rea (a countrywide book sale). Rain, drizzle and grey day ‘is spring EVER going to get here’ February.

Hope to see you around these parts. I have a lot of blog entries in my head. Hope to type them soon.


  1. Welcome back! There are nice things happening in February! Tulips, semlor and week 8 ( winter sports break). The book sale isn't what it used to be, back in the old times when the bookstores really dug out lots of old stuff. Nowadays it's mostly new and more cheaply printed books. Not that tempting.
    Anyhow; have a nice Saturday evening!

    1. Thanks! Sad about the book sale :( Missed it last year due to having a newborn and was looking forward to it! Will still have a look, you never know. And you are right, there are nice things happening in February… thanks for reading

  2. Hi! I'm in the process of applying to study abroad in Sweden, and your blog is really helping me out. I don't have anything specific to say about this post, just a general comment to let you know your blog is very useful to me, and helps me know what to expect if/when I arrive. So, thank you!